FunShine Online Brief Tutorials

Need assistance? Watch our videos with a tutorial on a specific feature for quick training:

FunShine Online Implementation Training Series:

These short videos will help you get a quick start in FunShine Online. For more in-depth training, please watch FunShine Online Implementation Training 2018 below.

FunShine Online Implementation Training - New for 2018

In addition to learning the basics of using FunShine Online, we'll be sharing the latest upgrades we have made to simplify your day. In this training session you will learn how to quickly build lesson plans, choose lesson plans from over 140 themes, and search our database of over 16,000 activities for exciting things to do with your little ones. We will also show you how to customize your lesson plans by making them multiage or by modifying specific activities to better fit the needs of your children.

Online Christian Curriculum by FunShine Express - New for 2018

We're excited to show you how to save time by accessing Christian Lessons from FunShine Express online! Join us for this short webinar where we will tell you about Online Christian Lessons, show you how to access your Christian activity calendar, and demonstrate how you can combine your Christian Lessons with your Daily Lesson Plans so everything is at your fingertips in minutes!

FunShine Online + EduKids: The Basics - NEW for 2018

FunShine Online has integrated with EduKids, a comprehensive child care management software system that enhances teacher and parent engagement. This integration brings curriculum, assessment, and child care management together to make your job as an educator or director easier than ever. Join us as we demonstrate how you can document the daily activities of your children, access and use your FunShine lesson plans from within the EduKids app, and record observations and assessments that are attached to FunShine activities. View your lesson plans with your state standards and download individual assessment reports easily. We offer special pricing for FunShine Online when you connect with EduKids!

Authentic Assessment with FunShine Online - NEW for 2018

Documenting a child’s progress has never been easier when using FunShine Online! Join us as we show you how authentic assessment in FunShine Online works, including documenting progress and individualizing instruction based on your observations. We will demonstrate building effective portfolios, both hard copy and digital, and we’ll share our free new Assessment Resources with you as well.

Program Overview Book

This 120-page book provides detailed information and training to help you work with young children, create the perfect learning environment and schedules,  things to consider as you implement FunShine curriculum, individualization strategies, FunShine Assessments, and more! Click the link and scroll down to download your copy today.

Program Overview Book